BluBird's Rapid Tie: A safer alternatives to Bungee cords

BluBird's Rapid Tie: A safer alternatives to Bungee cords

Do you know that the American Medical Association has called for warning labels to be placed on bungee cords? Bungee cords are one of the major causes of eye injury in the USA as these can recoil at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour and produce significant force for serious injury.  

To solve this problem, BluBird Industries have come up with a safer alternative for Bungee cords. Rapid tie! A Rapid Tie is the perfect tool to safely fasten items or bundles without worrying about sharp hooks and carabiners scratching delicate surfaces, or strong recoil like rubber straps. It is a heavy-duty tie down solution facilitating easy and efficient storage of various materials for homeowners, DIYers and professionals. 

Rapid tie is a better and innovative tie-down solution as compared to bungee cords due to the following reasons: 

Rapid ties are quick and easy

Rapid ties are designed for fast and efficient securing of objects. They feature a simple mechanism that allows for quick tightening and release, saving time and effort compared to the complex setup required for bungee cords.

Rapid ties are more versatile as compared to a Bungee cord

Rapid ties come in various lengths and strengths, allowing for versatile usage in different situations. They can be used to secure items of different sizes and weights, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Rapid Ties can be locked at multiple positions hence the tension of the tie is adjustable 

Unlike bungee cords that have a fixed length and tension, rapid ties offer adjustable tension. This feature enables precise control over the tightness of the tie, ensuring optimal safety for the object being secured.

Rapid ties provide an enhance safety due to less elasticity

Rapid ties are just 1.5 times more stretchable than their original lengths. Bungee cords rely on their elasticity to provide tension and secure objects. However, this elasticity can sometimes lead to unpredictable movements or rebounds leading to eye injuries and accidents. Rapid ties, on the other hand, are non-elastic, providing a more stable and secure connection without any unexpected stretching or bouncing.

Rapid ties are more durable as compared to Bungee cords

Rapid ties are typically made from durable materials such as vinyl. They are designed to withstand different weather conditions and resist wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting performance.


BluBird’s Rapid tie is one of the revolutionary products with a patented ball and ring design. This design facilitates the locking of the rapid tie at desirable lengths making it one of its kind. Made of vinyl, these straps are extendable and are designed for safer and long lasting fastening. Unlike bungee cords the BluBird Rapid tie has no violent recoil. Furthermore, it has no carabiner or hooks that can scratch the smooth surfaces. The manufacturing process of the BluBird rapid tie is UV resistant making it less prone to cracking and fraying. These rapid ties can be connected together to increase the overall length. This easy to use heavy-duty tie-down solution is ideal for bundling, wrapping, connecting and latching. Having applications across many industries, this innovative tie-down technology can be used to bundle power cords, wrap fishing rods together, lash a bag to a kayak, use as a pull handle, organize rope, use as a fishing rod hook keeper, lash down items to a bike, strap items to a roof rack, tie-down a canopy or rainfly, and more. With an unmatched 2-year warranty, this product is built to last and is much safer and efficient in comparison to a bungee cord. 


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