Car Cleaning Made Easy With Pressure Washers

Car Cleaning Made Easy With Pressure Washers

Everyone wants to keep their cars in the best possible state, not just in the way they run but also in the way they look. Car cleaning services in the market only work to wash the dirt off vehicles, but you don’t want your car to be merely clean- you want it to sparkle and shine. In fact, you would rather wash your dear automobile yourself, had the process not involved the hassles of soap, wax, sponges, rags, and countless buckets of water.

For such car-cleaning enthusiasts, we have some good news. RMX Industries has made DIY car-washing both easy and fun with their range of pressure washer hose reels. This strong cleaning tool is the key to making your car look perpetually new. Here are some things to keep in mind while giving your car a DIY cleaning service with a pressure washer hose.

  • It is always advised to first test the pressure washer on the ground before using it on your car. Then while spraying the vehicle, make sure to stand at a distance of at least four feet from the surface to be washed to avoid the risks of damage.
  • Spraying in a direction perpendicular to the car’s surface can chip out the paint. So make sure that the nozzle of your pressure washer hose is tilted slightly downwards. Spraying in a downward direction also ensures better, and more even coverage.
  • It also helps to pre-soak the vehicle before using pressure washer hose reels with a higher pressure nozzle. This way, the dirt and debris on the car is prevented from scratching its surface when eventually sprayed with a pressure washer.
  • Though the ideal PSI for pressure washing cars is a number only known by professionals, there is an accepted range for DIY washing. To ensure the safety of both the user and the car, it is best to adhere to a range of 1200-1900 PSI approximately.
  • Do not use the pressure washer hose to spray on the engine, or even on tires and panel gaps.


RMX has reformed the pressure washing industry with their BluShield technology. These light-weight pressure washer hoses, made of 100% rubber, come with a four finger grip bend restrictor for a better grasp by the user, and have an extreme temperature flexibility.

BluShield pressure washer hose reels are constructed with 18-gauge heavy duty steel with a corrosion proof finish. These come with single and dual adjustable metal arms, with easy horizontal and vertical mount options. 

A distinguishing feature of all BluShield hoses is their Kevlar-braided reinforcement, which makes the product unbeatable in terms of durability and tensile strength. 

Browse through the different pressure washer hoses and reels on the BluBird Industries official website, and choose your preferred model for car-cleaning.
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