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BluShield 3000 PSI Metric Pressure Washer Gun

BluShield 3000 PSI Metric Pressure Washer Gun

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Introducing the Blushield 3000 PSI Metric Pressure Washer Gun, your essential companion for metric pressure washing tasks. Engineered with precision, this gun is purpose-built for seamless integration with metric pressure washers and metric accessories, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility. The male metric inlet accommodates hoses with female metric fittings, while the female metric outlet establishes a direct connection to metric wands, streamlining your setup. Safety takes center stage with the inclusion of a trigger lock, effectively preventing accidental spraying and ensuring a controlled operation. Designed to accommodate metric wands and accessories, this gun enhances your pressure washing experience, guaranteeing reliable performance and safety. However, please be aware that this product contains chemicals recognized by the state of California as potentially causing cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. Prioritize your well-being by washing your hands after use.

  • Precision-engineered 3000 PSI Metric Pressure Washer Gun for metric pressure washers.

  • Designed for compatibility with metric wands and accessories.

  • Male metric inlet accommodates hoses with female metric fittings for a secure connection.

  • Female metric outlet directly connects to metric wands, enhancing setup efficiency.

  • Equipped with a trigger lock to prevent accidental spraying and ensure controlled operation.

  • Elevate your pressure washing experience with a reliable and safety-focused design.

  • Promote safety by washing hands after use due to potential chemical exposure.

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Customer Review

Blushield is the only pressure washer hose that I need in 2023. Hose burst on job is real pain but this one last 10 - 15 jobs longer. Great hose as advertised well made.

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