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BluShield High Pressure Hose Quick Connect Kit

BluShield High Pressure Hose Quick Connect Kit

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Introducing the Blushield High Pressure Hose Quick Connect Kit – your ultimate solution for seamless and efficient pressure washer connections. Crafted to exceed expectations, this kit promises an impeccable fit and rapid fittings that stand the test of time. Engineered to accommodate pressure washers boasting up to 4,000 PSI, this kit unlocks a world of possibilities for your outdoor cleaning endeavors. With the Blushield Quick-Connect fittings at your disposal, effortlessly create pump-to-hose and hose-to-gun links, revolutionizing the way you approach every task. Universally adaptable, this kit effortlessly integrates with a variety of M22 and quick-connect fittings found on most pressure washers. Elevate the performance of your outdoor power equipment by embracing the precision-engineered brilliance of the Blushield High Pressure Hose Quick Connect Kit. Because only authentic Blushield parts guarantee the utmost quality, meticulously designed and rigorously tested to ensure unparalleled excellence in every operation.

  • Secure and swift fittings that redefine convenience.

  • Engineered for pressure washers up to an impressive 4,000 PSI.

  • Empowers you with Quick-Connect fittings, simplifying pump-to-hose and hose-to-gun connections.

  • Seamlessly compatible with a wide spectrum of M22 and quick-connect fittings across various pressure washer models.

  • An embodiment of authenticity and precision, a genuine OEM replacement part that upholds the Blushield legacy.

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      Customer Review

      Blushield is the only pressure washer hose that I need in 2023. Hose burst on job is real pain but this one last 10 - 15 jobs longer. Great hose as advertised well made.

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