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BluShield Pressure Washer Inlet Hose 3/4" x 15'

BluShield Pressure Washer Inlet Hose 3/4" x 15'

Model Number: BS3415-IH | SKU: 10010601
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The BluShield In-let Hose is the perfect addition to your pressure washer set-up. Your pressure washer needs water in and the larger the diameter of your inlet hose the greater water flow is into your pressure washer. This means less interruption of the flow of water and allows your pressure washer to operate more efficiently. The BluShield In-let Hose is 100% rubber and is the lightest, strongest, most flexible rubber water hose available anywhere.

  • 10-year unmatched warranty.

  • 100% rubber construction.

  • 35% lighter than a standard rubber water hose.

  • High strength polyester woven braided reinforcement.

  • 500 PSI minimum burst pressure.

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Customer Review

Blushield is the only pressure washer hose that I need in 2023. Hose burst on job is real pain but this one last 10 - 15 jobs longer. Great hose as advertised well made.

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