The Next-Generation Recoil Water Hose from BluBird Industries

The Next-Generation Recoil Water Hose from BluBird Industries

June 27, 2024

Introducing the Next-Generation Recoil Water Hose from BluBird Industries: Redefining Durability and Convenience for Versatile Applications

BluBird Industries, renowned for pioneering rubber hose technology, proudly presents its latest innovation: the next-generation recoil water hose. Engineered to elevate standards in usability and longevity, this advanced hose promises to revolutionize various watering and cleaning tasks, catering to a wide range of applications.

Crafted from an advanced polyethylene and EVA copolymer blend, the recoil water hose offers unparalleled resistance to kinks, ozone, and abrasion. What truly distinguishes it is the integration of dual stainless steel spring guards at both ends, ensuring enhanced protection against wear and tear and prolonging its lifecycle compared to conventional hoses.

"The synergy between polyethylene and EVA results in a product that excels in both resilience and flexibility," explained Ed Marquardt, President of BluBird Industries - North America. "We're excited to introduce this superior recoil water hose to the market, showcasing our ongoing commitment to innovation and quality."

Designed for a multitude of applications, the hose's versatility extends beyond residential use, encompassing various scenarios such as:

1. Washing the Car: Effortlessly tackle vehicle cleaning tasks with precision and ease.

2. Small Gardens and Patios: Keep small outdoor spaces pristine with efficient watering and cleaning.

3. Lawn and Garden Maintenance: Simplify lawn care routines, including watering and cleaning, for impeccable results.

4. Marine Applications: Ideal for marine environments, ensuring reliable water supply for boat cleaning and maintenance.

5. Pet Washdown Areas and Recreational Vehicles: Keep pets clean and recreational vehicles spotless with convenient hose access.

6. Watering Gardens and Plants: Provide adequate hydration to gardens and plants, promoting healthy growth and vitality.

Continuing BluBird Industries' legacy of delivering lightweight, kink-resistant products, this recoil water hose upholds the brand's commitment to quality and affordability. The inclusion of Stainless Steel Spring Guards at both ends underscores BluBird's dedication to providing durable, industry-leading solutions that meet evolving customer needs.

Recipient of two Motor Magazine's TOP20 Awards, BluBird Industries remains a prominent figure in hose production for industrial, automotive, agricultural, and domestic applications. The company's unwavering commitment to manufacturing high-quality, 100% rubber hoses has solidified its position as a trusted partner for distributors worldwide.

Ken Hebert

Vice President of Marketing - North America