Best toolbag options for your business - A comprehensive guide for an ideal selection

Best toolbag options for your business - A comprehensive guide for an ideal selection

June 29, 2023
Confused about which toolbag to buy for your tools? We are here to help you with the ultimate toolbag buying guide. In this blog, we will be discussing these toolbags and this blog will act as a toolbag buying guide for you to refer to.

When you are working on a project, disorganized tools can hamper your efficiency. Additionally, a task can’t be completed until you have the right tools for the task at hand. Here’s when the role of storing your tools in an organized manner plays a crucial role. It not only increases productivity but also keeps your tools safe and well-maintained. This way you can have the equipment handy and the task becomes hassle free. When one searches for an ideal toolbag.

To facilitate the storage of your tools, BluBird Industries has developed a product range of quality work gear.

Tailor made for construction workers, Roofers, mechanics, maintenance and repair technicians, general laborers, and DlYers, our product range includes Backpacks, hard bottom bags, tote bags, tool rolls, diagonal straps, tool pouch, tool apron, belt tool pouch, nail pouch, zippered poly bags, Cordless drill holster bags and plier pouch.

Let us discuss each of these in detail

BluBird Cordless Drill Holster with 14 Pockets

A drill holster is used for holding T-handle drills. The BluBird Cordless Drill Holster with 14 Pockets is one of the best toolbag options. Made from 600D polyester sewn together with heavy-duty stitching, this holster is perfect for. This drill holster has a safety strap with a quick-release buckle for easy access to your tools. It features multiple inner and outer pockets, sleeves for complete bit organization. Belt clip and belt loop offer multiple wearing options. Majorly used by construction workers and electricians etc, this toolbag is a must if you frequently use a drill at your workstation.

BluBird’s Clip-on Zippered Poly Bags

The Multi-purpose, clip-on poly bags are made of polyester fabric and have durable clips to hang them onto tool bags & belt loops. These Pouches are perfect for fasteners, drill bits and small tools. Ideal as DIY toolbags, these pouches can be used by every professional for easy organization of nuts and bolts.

BluBird’s tool roll organizer

BluBird’s tool roll organizer has 32 pockets to organize your tools such as wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, allen wrenches, and more. Tool Roll Pouch comes with the heavy-duty elastic strap that keeps tools in place and it neatly organizes a variety of hand tools. It is perfect for contractors, carpenters, HVAC repairmen, plumbers, framers, electricians, or cable & audio visual installers. This toolbag with comfortable carrying options is an amazing organizing accessory for your workstations.

BluBird’s Nail Pouch Single Pocket

BluBird’s Nail Pouch Single Pocket tool bag has one large main pocket with a flap. An additional 3-inch wide tunnel loop assist the user to attach the pouch to the belt. It is used to carry and hold long nails and screws directly at hand making the process of nailing and roofing easy and efficient.

BluBird’s Belt Pocket Tool Pouch with 4 and 9 pocket variation

BluBird’s Belt Pocket Tool Pouch has a main large pocket and smaller front pockets. This pouch tool bag with 4 pockets holds all the basics comfortably and securely.It comes with a carabiner snap hook for fastening small tools or keys. Additionally, it has internal pockets for organizing items, making it perfect for use as a tool pouch for electricians and other construction projects.

BluBird’s Multi Pocket Tool Apron with 14 Pockets

This tool apron is suitable for carpentry, cooking, garden cleaning, lawn care, home repairs, welding and so on, improving space for your lovely home and gardening. It features an adjustable neck & waist fastening system with sturdy quick release back fasteners. A see through net chest pocket for identification badge or notepad, plus 3 pen holder small pockets. The long waist strap measuring 50 inches (max), with double stitching craft of the neck and waist straps, the tool apron can support additional weight. The straps & buckle design allow for a range of adjustments.

BluBird’s Tool Pouch with 11 Pockets

This nail and tool bag has 2 main pockets, 2 additional upper pockets, and 7 smaller pockets and a sleeve to hold your nails, fasteners and tools. BluBird’s tool pouch includes one steel hammer loop and one measuring tape clip as well. This is one of the best toolbag options to keep your accessories and tools organized.

BluBird’s Diagonal Strap Tool Bag with 14 Pockets

BluBird diagonal strap tool bag has 14 pockets to organize your tools such as wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, allen wrenches, and more. Perfect whether you are a contractor, carpenter, HVAC repairman, plumber, framer, electrician, or cable & audio visual installer. The padded and adjustable shoulder strap promises comfort and this pitch also offers a mobile phone pocket and, inner and outer pockets for storing a variety of tools.

BluBird’s Multi pocket Tool Roll Organizer with 32 Pockets

BluBird tool roll organizer has 22 pockets to organize your tools such as wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, allen wrenches, and more. 10 additional socket holders to keep all your sockets organized. It measures 27.5" X 14.5" when unrolled. Rolls up to a compact size with a top handle for easy carrying. Perfect for multiple professionals this is a toolbag with comfortable carrying options.

BluBird’s Large and Medium Utility Tote Bag Combo

BluBird large and medium utility tool bag combo with wide top opening help separating and organizing small and large tools and accessories. With an amazing 1 year warranty, this tote bag is an amazing toolbag option for the professionals wanting to keep their tools properly stored. This tote bag is a toolbag with comfortable carrying options as it is equipped with a padded and adjustable strap.

BluBird’s Large BigMouth Bag with 31 and 22 Pockets

BluBird large BigMouth tool backpack is equipped with a hard bottom and comfortable padded support with adjustable shoulder strap. It comes in two variations. One with 31 pockets and the other one with 22 pockets to store tools and accessories. Multiple compartments help you store different tools and accessories in a neat and organized way. These are the best toolbag options specially designed by BluBird industries to meet your needs. These options are budget-friendly, convenient and efficient. You can refer to this toolbag buying guide for making an ideal choice for your use.