How Do Pressure Washer Hoses Maintain Their Strength?

How Do Pressure Washer Hoses Maintain Their Strength?

March 14, 2023
The three layers of pressure washer hoses are comprised of robust, long-lasting materials. As a result, they are perfect for demanding industries. Here is a glimpse of what each layer contains:
  • The interior layer. The deepest layer to be cleaned with a cleaning agent or with water is this one. It is often constructed of neoprene, an oil-resistant synthetic rubber that can tolerate exposure to a range of chemicals and extremely high temperatures.

  • The central layer. The hose reinforcement is housed in this layer. Typically, it comprises one or two braids constructed from high-strength yarn or high tensile steel. When the hose is subject to high pressure, the wire reinforcement holds the hose together.

  • This layer is the third. The pressure washer hose cover is the phrase used to describe this topmost covering. It is often constructed from a sturdy substance, such as carboxylate nitrile, and is pin-prick-shaped to let trapped steam & vapours escape. This stops the skin's surface from blistering.

The knowledgeable staff of BluBird Industries would be pleased to assist you if you are unclear about which materials are acceptable for your particular needs. In addition, we can guide temperature and pressure ratings.

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Our whole line of the hose is resistant to abrasion, which reduces drag over obstacles like pebbles and other types of ground cover and leaves no marks on concrete. Our hose is meant to be strong, manageable, and offer dependable service.