How is pressure washer hose reel a must for small car detailing shops?

How is pressure washer hose reel a must for small car detailing shops?

August 3, 2023
Do you want to upgrade your car detailing shop? Here’s an equipment you should not miss on: The auto retractable pressure washer Hose reels. If you are still using a manual or an electrical reel in your car detailing shop, or worse you aren’t using a reel at all, it’s time to upgrade. Don't miss out on profitable outdoor car detailing gigs, by investing in a hose reel.

A Hose reel can not only help with better storage and professional setup for your pressure washer hose, it can also be mounted on your trucks and trailers to facilitate the transportation of your hoses for the outdoor projects.


Hoses are long and complex to be stored without tangles, and storing them carelessly can result in abrasion, kink memory and reduced life of the hose. If you are a small car detailing workshop owner or technician, owning a hose reel is a must for your business. You must have come across multiple problems related to your hose storage.

Hose reels offer a comprehensive solution for the problem related to storage


Since hose reels come in many variations including manual, electric and auto retractable options, the one we will vouch for is the auto retractable one because it offers advantages over the other two options. The auto retractable reels can save you from the fatigue of a manual reel after extended periods of use and it can save you from the energy consumption of an electrical hose reel.


Keeping a hose reel at your car detailing unit can offer multiple advantages for your pressure washer hoses. Hose reels can facilitate organization at your car detailing shop and can make your equipment more efficiently available then before. Organization not only results in saving time but also keeps the hose new like before. Pressure washer hoses are long and their storage can be a major issue. Small car detailing workshops operate in limited and tight spaces making the shop crowded with equipment. If hoses are left on the ground, the chances of a tripping hazard can increase, leading to accidents and even injury. Storage of hoses in a hose reel can facilitate the hose to have a longer life. Rather than being run over by feet or vehicles, the hose remains safe from abrasion and remains detangled after use. This results in increased life of the hose saving your money over an extended period of time.

A hose reel facilitates easy retrieval and storage of the hose. It not only reduces fatigue over extended periods of use, but makes the work faster and efficient.

If you own a car detailing shop and get an outdoor gig, the reel can be mounted on the truck or the rig and the transportation of the hose becomes much easier. The retraction process becomes much easier and the setup makes the work process convenient.

A hose reel can make your workplace look more professional and can get you more customers. An organized workspace can invite bigger and better gigs and increase the face value of your business.


If you are looking for an ideal hose reel for your small car detailing shop, nothing can top the motor magazine 2020 award winning Blueshield pressure washer hose reel combo. BluShield dual arm heavy duty pressure washer hose with quick connect coupler reel is an ultimate combination of flexibility and durability.

Let’s first talk about the Blushield pressure washer hose. Made with 100% rubber construction this hose is lightest, strongest and most flexible in comparison to the rest of the hoses in the market. This hose is equipped with aramid braided reinforcement increasing its strength. With a safety factor of 4:1, this hose is ideal for pressure washing as it can withstand a considerable pressure range. Made with BluBird technology this hose is 35% lighter than ordinary rubber air hoses in the market making it easily maneuverable.

Let us move to the hose reel. This product features an anti-corrosive 18-gauge powder coated steel construction.

Distinguished by its durability, each hose reel manufactured by BluBird Industries comes with a 12 point ratchet locking system. This 12 point ratchet locking system is a mechanism through which you can adjust the size of your reel to a desired length. Simply put, this ratchet system gives 12 different stops to the reel before it unfolds to the fullest. This gives the reel a variation of adjustable lengths and helps the user to fix it at a required length serving precise resolution to the consumers.

The dual arm of the reels adds stability to the setup. This reel can be mounted on the wall, floor as well as trucks and trailers making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

This pressure washer hose reel combo comes with a 6-inch lead-in hose.

This product can help you get rid of those non-flexible steel braided hoses which can’t be stored properly inside your detailing shop, replacing it with a rubber pressure washer hose, making your work more efficient than before. An additional benefit of a 1-year warranty lifts the load of product damage from your shoulders.

Furthermore, the reel protects you against any kind of tripping hazards and keeps your shop easy and organized. So, if you are a car detailing shop owner and pressure washing is a vital process in your business, look no further and shop the BluShield pressure washer hose reel today.

BluShield Pressure Washer Dual Arm Hose Reel