Utilizing A Pressure Washer To Clean A Drain

Utilizing A Pressure Washer To Clean A Drain

February 26, 2023
The majority of individuals frequently neglect their drains until a problem arises and it is already too late. Depending on the amount of labor required to clear the obstruction from the drain, a clogged drain might result in quite expensive adventure. The lack of functional amenities is also not a pleasant experience.

Is it a wise decision?

It's not a novel idea to use a pressure washing reels to clear out your drain. This concept has been used for years by plumbers. Using a pressure washer to clean your drains may be advantageous since it will clear out any obstructions or possible buildups inside the pipes, reducing the likelihood that the drain will become clogged.

Snake vs. Auger vs. Pressure Washer

A long metal tube known as a plumbing snake or auger has a cable with blades connected at one end and a crank at the other. The idea is to feed the blade into your drain with the flat side down, and any obstruction it encounters will be shattered. The drawback of this is that it could leave debris inside the pipe, which might later cause obstructions. An attachment for a pressure washer that extends the nozzle may be attached to the end of the device and looks like a lengthy pressure washer hoses. This enables it to be flushed into the drain and, thanks to the water pressure pushed forward and directed rearward, this clears any obstructions in the pipe and removes the debris while also cleaning the pipe's inside walls.

Exists a specific pressure washer?

Not much, as attachments are designed to suit a wide range of pressure washer models, brands, and designs, so you should be able to find one that works.

Is hiring a drain expert preferable to doing it yourself?

A professional plumber should always be called in to do any plumbing repair, regardless of the situation. This is because a licensed plumber's work is often guaranteed to be fault-free for a certain amount of time and is covered by insurance as well as knowledge.It would be ideal for you if you at least had a licensed plumber come out to do a plumbing inspection if you are determined to clean your pipes with a pressure washing reels on your own. This won't ensure the quality of any repair you conduct, but it will lessen the harm that may be done if your pipes were to break.

Final observations

Even while using a pressure washer to clear your drains may seem simple, you should keep in mind that for a very long time, only skilled plumbers who had mastered the necessary skills could perform this task. If in doubt, we suggest consulting a specialist. The expense of hiring a professional will be less expensive than replacing your pipes, walls, or flooring after the high-pressure pressure washer hoses damaged them. Not to mention the possibility of floods and consequent damage to personal belongings.