Brand Story

Blubird Industries Inc., a division of RMX Industries Private Limited, has been dedicated to creating and delivering the highest quality hoses since its inception in 1992.  We have a passion for excellence, and are relentless in our pursuit, believing that small details can really set us apart from the competition.

We take pride in crafting premium quality hoses — guaranteed to stand the test of time. BluBird technology and fantastic customer service make us the go-to choice for farmers and construction workers alike — be it for a sturdy irrigation hose, pneumatic tool hoses or a heavy-duty industrial pressure washer hose, we've got you covered.

BluBird hoses are the lightest, strongest and most flexible general purpose 100% rubber hoses on the market and have created a big and happy user base. The technology was adapted to other applications including power washing with the introduction of BluShield®. A kevlar / aramid braided hot-and-cold 4100PSI rubber pressure washer hose that is 35% lighter than traditional wire braided hoses and much more flexible and easy to use. The light weight and flexibility allowed RMX to put the BluShield hose on auto-retractable metal hose reels custom made for this hose – leading to a very unique 4000+ PSI auto-retractable hose reel.

We don't just stop at producing great products. We also pride ourselves on our commitment to sustainability. We use environmentally friendly production methods, packaging and are constantly seeking new ways to reduce our impact on the planet.

Blubird Industries Inc is more than just a company - we're a family. And just like a family, we're always here to support and help our customers in any way we can. Trust us to provide you with the premium hoses you need to get the job done right.