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AG-Lite Rubber Water Hose
AG-Lite Rubber Water Hose
Model: AL5850
The AG-Lite Rubber Water Hose Assembly, featuring a sturdy 5/8" diameter and a generous 50-foot length, is a high-quality and versatile solution for your water delivery needs. Crafted from durable rubber and equipped with dependable GHT solid brass couplings, this hose assembly is designed for long-lasting performance and reliability.

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Avagard Rubber Water Hose
Avagard Rubber Water Hose
Model: AVGW5850
Introducing the Avagard 5/8" Garden Hose, the ultimate watering solution with an industry-leading 5-year warranty. Designed for homeowners and farmers alike, it supplies hot and cold water to your lawn, garden, or farm. This lightweight and flexible hose outshines traditional rubber hoses, handling temperatures up to 212°F and standing strong against extreme weather.

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AG-Lite Rubber Water Hose Reel Dual Arm
AG-Lite Rubber Water Hose Reel Dual Arm
Model: ALWRDA58100
The AG-Lite Rubber Water Hose Reel Dual Arm Assembly, with a 5/8" x 100' hose, delivers robust strength and durability. Crafted from powder-coated 18-gauge steel with ribbed edges, it ensures operator safety and reliability in various settings. Featuring a 12-point ratchet locking mechanism for precise hose control, and a flexible, durable rubber hose, it's the ideal choice for automotive and DIY applications.

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When it comes to tackling tough cleaning jobs, having the right equipment can make all the difference. That's where the BluShield 3K Non-Marking Pressure Washer Hose steps in. This versatile and durable hose is designed to revolutionize your pressure washing experience, offering unmatched performance and reliability.

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SSHHTEK Pressure Washing Hose Reel BluBird
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