Avagard Twist Ease Kink Eliminator

Model: AVG-HSF-75
Say goodbye to frustrating hose kinks and tangles with the Avagard Twist Ease Kink Eliminator. Crafted with precision from durable brass, this ingeniously designed fitting effortlessly removes kinks from any hose, making untangling a thing of the past. Its built-in swivel mechanism ensures hassle-free unwinding, providing a no-kink garden hose that’s ready to use straight away. Ideal for industrial and home use, this high-flow, high-quality swivel fits seamlessly between your hose and nozzle, promising a tangle-free watering experience.
  • High-flow brass built-in swivel
  • Allows kinks and tangles to spin out
  • Promotes smooth water flow
  • Easy Installation
  • User-Friendly Operation

Product Details

Built-In Swivel
The Avagard Twist Ease Kink Eliminator features an in-built swivel mechanism that spins freely, preventing your water hose from tangling. Ideal for industrial use on golfing greens, large landscape areas, and leisure facilities, as well as for your outdoor water hose at home, this swivel mechanism ensures that your hose remains tangle-free, making watering tasks a breeze.
Easy Installation
Fits any hose. Simply fit between the hose and nozzle, or hose end valve. Quick and easy to install, the Avagard Kink Eliminator makes untangling your flexible hose a breeze. Its seamless integration and compatibility with various hose sizes make it a convenient and effortless solution for eliminating kinks and tangles in your garden hose.
Easy to Use
After fitting, simply walk and pull. The heavy-duty hose attachment makes tangles, twists, and kinks spin-free, providing a user-friendly and straightforward experience. Enjoy the ease of effortlessly untangling your hose, allowing for a smooth and efficient watering process.
Durable Brass
Made from high-quality brass that’s rust and corrosion-resistant for maximum durability, the Avagard Twist Ease Kink Eliminator ensures long-lasting performance. Its seamless integration with your garden hose and high-flow capabilities make it a reliable and enduring solution for eliminating kinks and tangles.


Material Brass
Grading Better
Type Fitting
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