Rapid Tie 16" Non Marring Adjustable Extendable Strap, Patented, Made in USA - 2 Pack, Orange

Model: BBRT01-OR

  • Rapid Tie is the perfect way to safely fasten items or bundles without worrying about sharp hooks, carabiners scratching delicate surfaces, or strong recoil like rubber straps. Bungee cords are a major cause of eye injury due to their violent recoils, on the other hand, Rapid Tie is safer, stronger, and more reliable that comes in handy in numerous indoor and outdoor applications like organizing, storing, transportation etc. Made in the USA, these heavy-duty ties use patented ball and rung design to provide adjustable lengths for lashing, tying down, wrapping up, linking together for larger lengths and more. Their UV-resistant process prevents cracking and fraying over time, meaning they won't wear out like traditional fastening methods. It’s great for bundling (power cords, fishing rods, bags on kayaks etc), lashing, connecting, linking, organizing hoses, and more.
  • Pack of 2 extendable vinyl straps designed for safer, longer lasting fastening.
  • No carabiner or hooks to scratch delicate surfaces, and no violent recoil like rubber straps.
  • Patented ball and rung design that allows easy fastening for any length required by linking them together.
  • UV resistant proprietary process is used to deter cracking or fraying
  • Add more length by adding the ties together which are then easily separable and reusable.
  • Infinite uses be it bundling, wrapping, lashing, connecting, linking or use this handy accessory to bundle power cords, wrap fishing rods together, lash a bag to a kayak, use as a pull handle, organize rope, use as a fishing rod hook keeper, lash down items to a bike, strap items to a roof rack, tie-down a canopy or rainfly, and more
  • 2 Year Warranty.

Product Details

Experience the convenience and reliability of Rapid Tie's 16" Non-Marring Adjustable Extendable Straps, now available in a 2-Pack in vibrant orange. Made in the USA, these innovative straps offer a safer and more versatile alternative to traditional fastening methods.

With Rapid Tie, you can securely fasten items without the worry of sharp hooks or abrasive recoil. Whether you're organizing, storing, or transporting, these heavy-duty straps are designed to meet your needs. Their patented ball and rung design allows for adjustable lengths, ensuring a snug fit for any application.

Crafted with a UV-resistant process, Rapid Tie straps are built to last, preventing cracking and fraying over time. Each pack includes two extendable vinyl straps, offering durability and reliability for long-term use.

Forget about the hassle of carabiners or hooks scratching delicate surfaces – Rapid Tie provides a smooth, secure fastening solution for all your indoor and outdoor needs. Plus, with a 2-year warranty, you can trust Rapid Tie to deliver exceptional performance and peace of mind.

From bundling power cords to securing outdoor equipment, Rapid Tie offers endless possibilities for organization and convenience. Upgrade to Rapid Tie and experience a safer, more efficient way to fasten and secure your belongings.


Material Vinyl
Grading Best
Type Material Handling
8906134990946 Color

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