Pressure Washing Hose

Heavy Duty Pressure Washing Hose Reel


How and why is the hose 40% lighter?

The BluShield Hose is braided with Aramid fiber (Also known as Kevlar) instead of steel braid, which cuts the weight substantially. This, and our proprietary manufacturing techniques give you the lightest, most flexible rubber hose in the industry.

What is cavitation in the engine?

Cavitation of the water pump engine is the formation & accumulation of bubbles in the pumping chamber on your high pressure pump. When these bubbles are put under pressure they collapse or burst which can create implosions inside the water hose and equipment, affecting the surrounding parts. One of the most common problems in pressure washers is premature pump failure, most often caused by cavitation.

How does the BluShield Pressure Washer Inlet hose help prevent cavitation in the engine?

The water in,  is as important as the water out. The bigger the diameter of your inlet house, the better the performance of your equipment. The most common cause of cavitation is the inlet fittings on your pressure cleaner not being tight enough, or not being sealed properly causing air to be sucked into the pump. The best way to combat cavitation is to have healthy water flow and maintain the seals in your pump. BluBird designs our products to maximize water flow.

What is the purpose of an “inlet” hose?

Your pressure washer needs water in and the larger the diameter of your inlet hose the greater water flow is into your pressure washer. This means less interruption of the flow of water and allows your pressure washer to operate more efficiently.

Why is a high burst pressure PSI important?

There is direct correlation with the burst pressure and the working pressure. The standard in the industry is a 4:1 ratio referred to as a safety factor. The standard is to divide the burst pressure of the hose by 4, and that will give you the working pressure. A hose with a burst pressure rating of 3100 psi will Some manufacturers cheat and say their hoses have a working rating of 300 psi but at a 4:1 safety factor, their hose has a burst rating of 1200 psi. All BluBird hoses have at least a 4:1 safety factor.

Do you make a DIY hose for pressure washing?

BluBird makes the 3100 psi, polyester braided BluShield Pressure Washer hose. The difference is that this hose does not use the Aramid fiber braid and while rated for hot water, is traditionally a cold water hose.

What does the 1-year warranty include?

The warranty covers manufacturing defects.  Should a fitting blow off, a leak occurs at the crimped ends or a hose bursts for no apparent reason, the hose needs to be returned and inspected. If a defect is present, it will be self-evident and fully covered by warranty.  Wear and tear and misuse are not covered by the warranty.  A one year warranty is the best warranty in the pressure washing industry.

Why is the BluShield 100% rubber hose superior to the competition?

If you use hot water, you have to use a rubber hose. Rubber is the only material that handles hot water. There are other rubber pressure washer hoses on the market. They are basically a hydraulic hose that’s heavy and stiff because of the way they are manufactured. The manufacturing process of the BluShield pressure washer hose results in a hose that is 100% rubber, and the lightest most flexible hose ever made. It is much more flexible than the ones that are available in the market or come with the pressure washers as those are blend of PVC or TPR )ThermoPlastic Rubber)

What coupling options does the BluShield Pressure Washer hose have?

The BluShield Pressure Washer hoses come with a stainless steel male fixed and a male swivel coupling. One at each end.

What is a 4:1 safety factor?

The industry standards have always said that a hose should have a factor of 4 to 1.  This means that if a hose says it’s a 4100 psi working pressure hose, the pressure that will cause it to burst should be 4x the working pressure, or 16,400 psi.

What is the hottest water temperature that the BluShield Pressure Washer hose will tolerate?

The BluShield Pressure Washer Hose will tolerate up to 250°F.

What is the coldest temperature that the BluShield Pressure Washer hose will maintain its flexibility?

The BluShield Pressure Washer Hose maintains cold water flexibility down to -20°F.

 What does ozone resistant mean?

Ozone Weather Resistance is the ability of rubber to withstand the effects of exposure to Ozone. Ozone and UV light can affect a hose, causing the hose to deteriorate over time.  The BluShield Pressure Washer hose is an Nitrile rubber, which is resistant to the effects of Ozone and UV exposure. 

How are the hoses abrasion resistant?

The BluShield Pressure Washer hose is naturally abrasion resistant because it’s made from Nitrile rubber with good abrasion resistance.

What does kink resistant mean?

Rubber has no memory, so it lays flat and doesn’t kink.  Kinking is a bend in the hose that restricts the flow of water. 

What sizes do the BluShield Pressure Washer Hoses come in?

The BluShield Pressure Washer comes in 1/4" 3/8" in the inside Diameter. The lengths are up to 200'. The standard lengths are 25', 35', 50' 75', 100' and 200'.