AG-Lite Rubber Water Hose Assembly 3/4" x 150'

Model: AL34150
The AG-Lite Rubber Water Hose Assembly, with its robust 3/4" diameter and an extensive 150-foot length, is a high-quality solution for all your water delivery needs, designed for larger-scale applications. Crafted from durable rubber and featuring heavy-duty GHT solid brass couplings, this hose is built for exceptional quality and durability. Its 150-foot length provides an extended reach, making it ideal for agricultural, industrial, or garden settings with expansive requirements. This hose ensures efficient and dependable water delivery, offering a versatile and reliable solution for all your watering needs.
  • 10 years Unmatched Warranty
  • 100% Rubber Construction
  • 3/4 MALE + FEMALE GHT Set
  • Polyester Braided
  • 500 PSI Minimum Burst Pressure
  • Flexibility from -50°F to +190°F
  • Kink Resistant
  • Ozone Resistant
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • 4 Finger-grip bend restrictor to avoid damage at ends.

Product Details

AG-Lite 3/4" x 150' Rubber Water Hose: Your Ultimate Water Delivery Solution

When it comes to water delivery, you need a hose that can handle the toughest tasks with ease. That's where the AG-Lite Rubber Water Hose Assembly comes in. With its impressive specifications and unmatched durability, it's the ideal choice for larger-scale applications in various industries and settings.

Robust Design for Demanding Tasks

The AG-Lite Rubber Water Hose boasts a sturdy 3/4" diameter, making it capable of handling substantial water flow with efficiency. Crafted from durable rubber, it's built to withstand the harshest conditions and deliver top-tier performance. Whether you're in construction, agriculture, landscaping, or industrial operations, this hose is designed to meet your needs.

Extended Reach for Versatile Applications

With an extensive 150-foot length, this hose provides an extended reach that's perfect for expansive requirements. It's suitable for agricultural fields, industrial sites, commercial properties, and large gardens. Wherever you need reliable water delivery, this hose has you covered.

Built to Last

Durability is key when it comes to hoses, and the AG-Lite doesn't disappoint. Featuring heavy-duty GHT solid brass couplings, it ensures a secure and leak-free connection. Plus, its construction from high-quality rubber guarantees long-lasting performance, even in demanding environments.

Reliable in Every Condition

From extreme cold at -50°F to scorching heat at +190°F, this hose maintains its flexibility, ensuring easy handling and setup year-round. It's also kink-resistant, ozone-resistant, and abrasion-resistant, making it a durable choice for any application.

Added Safety Features

To prevent damage at the ends, the AG-Lite Rubber Water Hose Assembly comes with a 4-finger-grip bend restrictor. This thoughtful feature adds to the hose's longevity and ensures it stays in excellent condition.

Backed by a 10-Year Unmatched Warranty

To give you peace of mind, this hose is backed by a 10-year unmatched warranty. It's a testament to the confidence we have in the quality and performance of the AG-Lite Rubber Water Hose.

When it comes to dependable, high-quality water delivery for larger-scale applications, the AG-Lite 3/4" x 150' Rubber Water Hose is the solution you can trust. Its robust construction, extended reach, and exceptional durability make it the perfect choice for industries such as construction, agriculture, landscaping, and more. Invest in a hose that will stand the test of time and ensure efficient water delivery in any condition.


ID 3/4"
Size 150 Feet
Material Rubber
Grading Best
Type Assembly
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