Avagard Hybrid Air Hose Assembly 3/8" x 25'

Model: AVGHY3825
Hybrid Polymer Air Hose 3/8”x25’, Ultra-light, Made using Rubber/PVC Polymers, 40% Lighter than traditional rubber hoses, Solid Brass ends.Oil, chemical resistance, durable solid brass universal coupler are crush resistant. Service life can be as long as several years.This 3/8 air hose is blended rubber and PVC, hybrid polymer resists kinking and tangling under pressure and provides high flow for your project. Bend resistors at each end increase durability. This air line has been tested rigorously, makes this pneumatic hose a great choice for air drills, ratchet wrenches, automotive repair shops, industrial facilities, etc.
  • 1 year warranty
  • 100% rubber construction.
  • 300 PSI Working Pressure
  • 4:1 Safety factor
  • High strength polyester woven braided reinforcement
  • 3/8" Male NPT
  • Solid Brass fittings are corrosion resistant.
  • 4 finger grip bend restrictor for better use & easier control over the hose.
  • Flexibility from -10°F to +130°F.
  • Ozone resistant
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Kink Resistant.

Product Details

When it comes to the intricate demands of the automotive, construction, and industrial sectors, a reliable pneumatic hose becomes indispensable. Enter the Avagard 3/8" x 25' Hybrid Air Hose, a harmonious blend of innovation and efficiency crafted to meet the rigorous needs of these domains. With applications ranging from removing lug nuts to inflating tires, the reliability of your pneumatic tools often hinges on the quality of the hose that powers them. And with Avagard, you’re not only getting a hose; you’re investing in performance, durability, and safety.

Taking center stage is Avagard's pioneering use of hybrid polymers. By melding the resilience of rubber with the flexibility of PVC, Avagard has introduced a hose that stands 40% lighter than its traditional rubber counterparts. This weight reduction translates to effortless maneuverability, significantly reducing user fatigue and enhancing operational efficiency. However, its lightweight nature doesn't compromise its sturdiness. This hose is formulated to resist kinks and tangles, even under significant pressure, ensuring a steady flow for your tasks, be it with nail guns or ratchet wrenches.

Safety, a cornerstone of Avagard's ethos, is evident in the hose's design. It boasts a high-visibility color scheme, a proactive approach to minimize workplace accidents by reducing trip hazards. But Avagard's commitment to safety doesn't stop there. The hose remains pliant even in extreme temperatures, ensuring seamless operations in varying climatic conditions.

With the rigors of pneumatic applications in mind, Avagard has fortified the hose with features that scream durability. The hose is incredibly resistant to the deteriorative effects of Ozone and UV radiation. Its construction boasts solid brass ends that not only resist corrosion but also provide an unmatched seal, preventing leaks. A testament to its robustness is the 300 PSI working pressure it can handle, with a burst pressure four times that at 1200 PSI. Add to that a crush-resistant solid brass universal coupler, and you have a hose designed for longevity.

A standout feature is the 4 Finger Bend Restrictor at each end. This innovative addition dramatically reduces wear and tear, substantially increasing the hose's lifespan. Avagard’s confidence in its product is evident in its promise of a service life that can extend to several years.

In conclusion, the Avagard 3/8" x 25' Hybrid Air Hose isn't just a conduit for air; it's the heartbeat of your pneumatic tools. Whether stationed at an automotive repair hub or a bustling construction site, this hose promises unparalleled performance, durability, and safety. A choice for those who seek excellence in every tool they employ.


ID 3/8"
Size 25 Feet
Material Hybrid
Grading Better
Type Hose Assembly

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