Avagard PVC Air Hose Assembly 3/8" x 25' w/ 9 Pc Steel Accessory Kit

Model: AVGPV3825KIT-9
The Avagard Air accessory kit contains all necessary air compressor and air tool fittings along with Avagard premium rubber hose that is 40% lighter, stronger and flexible, all packed in one reusable storage bag. This DIY kit is perfect for use around your home or anywhere where you need to fill tires or other items requiring air and also your air tools. The storage bag allows your fittings to be readily available quickly.
  • 2 year limited warranty on air hose. 1 year warranty on accessories. .
  • 100% rubber construction
  • 300 PSI working pressure
  • 4:1 Safety factor
  • High strength polyester woven braided reinforcement
  • 1/4" Male NPT
  • Solid Brass fittings are corrosion resistant
  • 4 finger grip bend restrictor for better use & easier control over the hose
  • Flexibility from -10°F to +130°F
  • Ozone resistant
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Kink Resistant

Product Details

In a world driven by the dynamic realms of automotive, construction, and industrial sectors, pneumatic hoses play an indispensable role. The Avagard Air accessory kit emerges as an epitome of versatility and efficiency, offering unparalleled solutions tailored for these industries. This comprehensive kit is not just a product; it's a promise of unmatched performance and reliability.

For professionals and enthusiasts alike, using air tools, whether it's for removing lug nuts in automotive applications, deploying a nail gun in a construction project, or inflating tires in industrial settings, the need for a trustworthy air hose is paramount. The Avagard PVC air hose fulfills this need impeccably. Designed with high-strength polyester woven braided reinforcement, it ensures a robust framework that can withstand the pressures of demanding tasks. Its 300 PSI working pressure, coupled with a 4:1 safety factor, showcases its capability to handle high-pressure situations with ease.

However, the functionality of the Avagard air hose goes beyond its core features. Crafted with precision, the PVC air hose stands out as a non-marking asset, ensuring that your workspaces remain clean and blemish-free. Recognizing the unpredictable nature of outdoor tasks, Avagard's hose is meticulously designed to maintain its integrity under extreme weather conditions, from scorching heatwaves to freezing winters.

To complement the exceptional performance of the pneumatic hose, the Avagard accessory kit comes packed with a range of indispensable tools. Whether you're inflating a tire or using specialized air tools, this kit ensures you have the right tool at hand. From the safety blow gun that offers precision to the tire gauge ensuring accurate readings, every accessory resonates with Avagard's commitment to quality.

Moreover, the inclusion of solid brass fittings like male and female plugs, coupled with couplers, ensures a seamless and secure connection, amplifying the performance and durability of your pneumatic tools. And for those minor fixes and adjustments, the Teflon tape comes as a handy addition.

Understanding the mobile nature of tasks across automotive, construction, and industrial settings, Avagard ensures that all these tools and the air hose are neatly packed in a convenient carry bag. This not only ensures easy storage but also guarantees that every accessory is readily available, ensuring efficiency and saving time.

Backed by a 2-year warranty on the PVC air hose and a 1-year warranty on accessories, the Avagard Air accessory kit stands as a testament to the brand's dedication to customer satisfaction. So, whether you're a seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast, trust Avagard to elevate your pneumatic experiences, ensuring impeccable results every time.


ID 3/8"
Size 25 Feet
Material Rubber
Grading Good
Type Kit
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