BluBird HF1 Blow Gun with Maxima Nozzle

Model: BBABG-01-MN1
Experience unparalleled performance and comfort with the BluBird HF1 Blow Gun with Maxima Nozzle. Designed with the professional in mind, this blow gun boasts an ergonomically superior design with maximum comfort and control for prolonged use. The lightweight design significantly reduces operator fatigue, making it the perfect tool for demanding tasks. The BluBird HF1 Blow Gun delivers maximum flow, rivaling or surpassing competitors in performance. Its modular accessories system allows you to customize the extension length and tips, tailoring the blow gun to fit every application with ease. Equipped with a Maxima Nozzle, this blow gun meets or exceeds OSHA standards, providing both safety and efficiency.
  • 1-year warranty
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort and control
  • Maximum flow equal to or greater than the competition
  • Modular accessories system to customize extension length and tips
  • Maxima Nozzle meets or exceeds OSHA standards
  • Professional grade with a durable aluminum casted body
  • Variable air flow trigger for precise control
  • Reduces operator fatigue for prolonged use
  • All readings at 90 PSI

Product Details

Introducing the BluBird HF1 Blow Gun with Maxima Nozzle, a cutting-edge tool designed for superior performance and comfort in professional settings. This blow gun is engineered to deliver maximum airflow, making it a top choice for demanding tasks in automotive, construction, and industrial applications.

Unparalleled Comfort and Control:
The HF1 Blow Gun is crafted with an ergonomic design to ensure maximum comfort and control during prolonged use. Its lightweight, aircraft aluminum body significantly reduces operator fatigue, allowing for continuous, efficient operation.

Maximum Flow Rate:
Delivering exceptional airflow, the HF1 Blow Gun rivals and surpasses the competition. This high flow rate makes it perfect for efficient cleaning, drying, and other applications, saving you time and effort on every task.

Customizable Modular Accessories System:
Featuring a modular accessories system, the HF1 Blow Gun allows you to customize the extension length and tips to suit your specific needs. Whether you require a longer reach or a specialized nozzle tip, this blow gun adapts to your requirements with ease.

Maxima Nozzle - OSHA Compliant:
Safety and efficiency go hand-in-hand with the HF1 Blow Gun. The included Maxima Nozzle meets or exceeds OSHA standards, providing a safe working environment. Its Maxima Nozzle design reduces noise levels while maintaining high performance.

Professional Grade Durability:
Built with a durable aluminum casted body, the HF1 Blow Gun is designed to withstand the rigors of professional use. This professional-grade construction ensures longevity and reliable performance, even in the toughest environments.

Precise Control with Variable Air Flow Trigger:
The HF1 Blow Gun features a variable airflow trigger that gives you precise control over the air output. This allows for fine-tuned adjustments, ensuring optimal performance for a wide range of applications.

1-Year Warranty for Peace of Mind:
The HF1 Blow Gun comes with a 1-year warranty, reflecting BluBird’s confidence in the high-quality materials and craftsmanship of the product. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your tool is backed by a reliable warranty.

Reduces Operator Fatigue:
Designed to be lightweight and ergonomic, the HF1 Blow Gun significantly reduces operator fatigue. This makes it an ideal tool for prolonged use, providing comfort and ease of operation throughout the workday.

High-Strength Aluminum Body:
Constructed from high-strength aircraft aluminum, the HF1 Blow Gun is built to last. Its robust design ensures it can withstand frequent use and harsh conditions, making it a reliable addition to any professional toolkit.

Elevate your productivity with the BluBird HF1 Blow Gun with Maxima Nozzle. Its combination of ergonomic design, powerful performance, and customizable features makes it the top choice for professionals seeking a high-quality, reliable blowgun.


Grading Best
Material Aluminum
Product Purpose Type Accessory
Kit Type Air Blow Gun Kit
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