BluBird Rubber Air Hose Assembly 1/4" x 50'

Model: BB1450
Industry leading 10-Year Warranty. The BluBird Air Hose beats the competition with superior quality and features. It is made of 100% rubber with a 40% weight reduction compared to standard rubber air hoses. The solid brass fittings are stronger than aircraft aluminium, and the high-strength polyester woven reinforcement can withstand 300 PSI working pressure. The hose is flexible from -50°F to +190°F, ozone resistant, and abrasion resistant.
  • 10 year limited warranty.
  • 100% rubber construction.
  • 300 PSI working pressure
  • 4:1 Safety factor.
  • High strength polyester woven braided reinforcement
  • 1/4" Male NPT
  • Solid Brass fittings are corrosion resistant.
  • 4 finger grip bend restrictor for better use & easier control over the hose.
  • Flexibility from -50°F to +190°F.
  • Ozone resistant
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Kink Resistant.

Product Details

In today's dynamic industries of automotive, construction, and industrial applications, having the right tools can greatly influence the outcome of any project. Among these tools, pneumatic hoses stand out, especially when they play pivotal roles in tasks like removing lug nuts, deploying nail guns, or inflating tires. Recognizing the sheer importance of these tasks, BluBird introduces an air hose that isn't just designed to function, but to excel.

Dive deep into the world of BluBird, and you're introduced to an Air Hose that speaks the language of excellence. Crafted from 100% rubber, it promises a durability that's unmatched, ensuring that your operations, be it in automotive workshops or on construction sites, face no hitches. Its rubber constitution also means that this hose weighs significantly less, being 40% lighter than the usual rubber air hoses found in the market. This weight advantage ensures ease of use and increased mobility, allowing for seamless operations, whether you're inflating a tire or using a high-powered nail gun.

While its lightweight nature is a significant advantage, the BluBird Air Hose doesn't compromise on strength. Embedded within its structure is a high-strength polyester woven reinforcement, allowing it to effortlessly manage a robust 300 PSI working pressure. This capability ensures that tasks, especially those in demanding industrial environments, such as removing deeply set lug nuts, are executed with precision and efficiency.

The hose's flexibility is another feather in its cap, remaining pliable and efficient across a vast temperature spectrum, from a chilling -50°F to a sweltering +190°F. This makes it an ideal companion for those outdoor construction tasks or automotive repair jobs, where temperature fluctuations are a given. Complementing its temperature resilience are its ozone and abrasion-resistant properties, ensuring the hose remains in top shape, even in challenging environments.

Yet, the brilliance of the BluBird Air Hose isn't just confined to its rubber body. Each hose comes equipped with solid brass fittings, a testament to BluBird's commitment to unparalleled quality. Where others might use materials like aircraft aluminium, BluBird opts for brass, ensuring corrosion resistance and thereby elongating the life of the hose.

With its industry-leading 10-Year Warranty, BluBird makes a clear statement about its confidence in the Air Hose's performance and durability. In a market brimming with pneumatic hoses, the BluBird Air Hose distinguishes itself through its superior quality, making it the go-to choice for professionals across the automotive, construction, and industrial sectors. When it comes to optimizing your pneumatic operations, remember, with BluBird, you're always flying high.


ID 1/4"
Size 50 Feet
Material EPDM Rubber
Grading Best
Type Hose Assembly
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