BluBird Rubber Air Hose Lead In 1/2" x 3'

Model: BBLD1203
Industry best 90-Day Warranty. BluBird 1/2" rubber lead-in hose is ideal for connecting supply lines, hose reels, compressors and other system components. These shorter length hoses prevent vibration from moving parts which may cause leaks or loosening of connections. 100% rubber hose offers heavy duty, lightweight, and abrasion resistance while withstanding extreme weather. It also helps keep the supply hose on the ground and helps prevent a tripping hazard in work area. BluBird rubber hose maintains integrity even under extreme weather conditions while remain flexible from -50°F to +190°F. High strength polyester woven braided reinforcement ensures working under high pressure. The max pressure of the air hose is 300 psi. bursting pressure is 1200psi. Bend restrictors reduce kinking and help to increase the life of the air hose.
  • 90 day material and workmanship warranty.
  • Made from100% Rubber
  • 300 PSI working pressure
  • 4:1 Safety factor.
  • High strength polyester woven braided reinforcement.
  • 1/2" Male-NPT
  • Solid Brass fittings are corrosion resistant.
  • 4 finger grip bend restrictor for better use
  • Flexibility from -50°F to +190°F.
  • Ozone resistant
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Kink Resistant.

Product Details

For professionals and hobbyists alike in the automotive, construction, and industrial sectors, the search for a durable and reliable Air Hose can be challenging. Yet, the critical role that Pneumatic Hoses play in a plethora of tasks—from removing lug nuts in automotive work, using a nail gun in construction, to simply inflating a tire—cannot be overstated. This is where the BluBird brand steps in with an offering that amalgamates top-tier quality with unmatched utility.

Introducing the BluBird 1/2" rubber lead-in Air Hose. This isn't just another hose; it's a manifestation of BluBird's commitment to excellence and attention to the intricate needs of its vast user base. Sporting a solid 100% rubber construction, this hose promises durability, ensuring it stands firm in any work area. Whether you're on a bustling construction site or a busy automotive garage, this hose is designed to be both a workhorse and a safety tool. The shorter length strategically prevents vibrations from moving parts, which can otherwise cause detrimental leaks or the loosening of connections.

BluBird's focus on safety doesn't end there. The design intent behind this rubber hose is to ensure the supply hose remains grounded, significantly minimizing tripping hazards in the work area. This consideration is crucial when maneuvering around tools, equipment, and other potential obstacles.

The brilliance of the hose lies in its adaptability. It retains its integrity even under extreme weather conditions, remaining flexible from a chilly -50°F to a scorching +190°F. Coupled with high-strength polyester woven braided reinforcement, the hose can confidently operate under high pressures. With a remarkable 300 PSI working pressure and a 4:1 safety factor, it's poised to withstand the rigors of any demanding task. And if that wasn't enough, the hose comes equipped with solid brass fittings that resist corrosion, ensuring longevity and reducing the long-term maintenance burden.

But BluBird's commitment to its customers is not just evident in the product but also in its service. This Air Hose comes with an industry-best 90-Day Warranty, underscoring BluBird's confidence in its craftsmanship and the materials used. From connecting supply lines and hose reels to compressors and other pivotal system components, this BluBird offering is an essential tool for professionals who won't settle for anything but the best. With its robust features and user-centric design, the BluBird 1/2" rubber lead-in Air Hose is poised to redefine standards in the realm of Pneumatic Hoses.


ID 1/2"
Size 3 Feet
Material EPDM Rubber
Grading Best
Type Lead In
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