BluShield Rubber Pressure Washing Hose Reel 3/8" X 50 (Dual Arm) with 6' Lead-in-Hose - All In One

Model: PWR3850-NM-AIO
Upgrade your hose management with the BluShield Rubber Pressure Washing Hose Reel 3/8" x 50' (Dual Arm - Heavy Duty) with 6' Lead-in-Hose - All in One. BluShield introduces this patent-pending, all-in-one hose reel, engineered to provide unmatched versatility, convenience, and safety. Designed for durability and efficiency, this reel is perfect for industrial facilities, workshops, or residential spaces. With a robust construction that withstands 300 PSI working pressure and temperatures ranging from -50°F to +190°F, it sets a new industry standard. Features include a 180° swivel mount for enhanced flexibility, a 5-in-1 coupler for simplified hose connections, and a 1/2" socket wrench for easy assembly and maintenance.
  • 2-Year unmatched warranty on reel
  • Whisper-Quiet Technology
  • Slow Safety Rewind Technology
  • Free Style Technology
  • 1/2" Socket Wrench (Included)
  • 5-In-1 Coupler (Included)
  • 180° Swivel Mount (Included)
  • 18 gauge powder-coated heavy duty steel
  • Corrosion resistant Solid Brass fittings
  • 12 point ratchet system
  • 1 year warranty
  • 100% rubber construction.
  • M22 Connecter with Nozzel for PW 1/4"
  • Polyester braided reinforcement
  • 3000 PSI working pressure
  • 4:1 Safety factor
  • Ozone,Abrasion, Kink resistant
  • 4 finger grip bend restrictor for better use & easier control over the hose.

Product Details

Experience unparalleled hose management with the BluShield Rubber Pressure Washing Hose Reel 3/8" x 50' (Dual Arm - Heavy Duty) with 6' Lead-in-Hose - All in One. This state-of-the-art hose reel combines innovative technologies and premium materials to deliver a superior, long-lasting solution. Ideal for diverse applications, it ensures reliable performance under extreme conditions.

The corrosion-resistant construction, made from powder-coated steel, guarantees durability and longevity, while the 180° swivel mount enhances flexibility and ease of use. Enjoy the convenience of the included 5-in-1 coupler, which simplifies hose connections, and the 1/2" socket wrench for straightforward assembly and maintenance. Whisper-quiet technology reduces noise during hose retraction, creating a more comfortable working environment. The slow safety rewind feature ensures controlled hose retraction, minimizing the risk of high-impact rewind.

Corrosion-Resistant Construction
The BluShield Pressure Washing Hose Reel is built with powder-coated steel, providing exceptional corrosion resistance. This high-quality construction ensures the reel can withstand harsh environments and prolonged exposure to moisture without deteriorating. The powder coating acts as a protective layer, preventing rust and corrosion, significantly extending the product's lifespan and maintaining its structural integrity over time.

1/2" Socket Wrench (Included)
The inclusion of a 1/2" socket wrench makes assembly and maintenance tasks straightforward and hassle-free. This tool is specifically designed to fit the reel’s components, allowing for quick and secure assembly. The convenience of having a dedicated wrench means users can maintain and service their hose reel efficiently, ensuring optimal performance without the need for additional tools.

5-In-1 Coupler (Included)
The 5-in-1 coupler is a versatile accessory that simplifies hose connections. It accommodates different hose sizes, making it easy to switch between various hoses without needing multiple adapters. This feature enhances the functionality of the hose reel, allowing users to quickly and efficiently connect hoses of varying diameters, thus broadening the range of applications.

180° Swivel Mount
The 180° swivel mount provides enhanced flexibility by allowing the hose reel to pivot in multiple directions. This feature makes it easier to maneuver the hose around obstacles and ensures it can be positioned exactly where it’s needed. Whether mounted on a wall or a workbench, the swivel mount facilitates smooth and effortless hose retraction and extension, enhancing user convenience and efficiency.

Whisper-Quiet Technology
BluShield’s whisper-quiet technology ensures that the hose reel operates with minimal noise. This feature significantly reduces the sound levels during hose retraction, creating a quieter and more comfortable working environment. It’s particularly beneficial in settings where noise reduction is essential, such as residential areas, workshops, or commercial facilities.

Slow Safety Rewind Adaptable Design
The slow safety rewind feature allows the hose to retract at a controlled speed, minimizing the risk of high-impact rewind. This safety mechanism ensures that the hose retracts smoothly and steadily, preventing potential injuries or damage to the reel and surroundings. It also helps in maintaining the hose’s integrity by reducing the stress placed on it during retraction.

Free Style Adaptability
This feature provides easy adjustment of the guide arm's position with a full 225° range of motion. The freestyle adaptability allows users to tailor the hose reel’s orientation to their specific needs, ensuring maximum efficiency and convenience. Whether the hose needs to be directed up, down, left, or right, this flexible design accommodates various positioning requirements, making it highly versatile for different applications and environments.


ID 3/8"
Size 50'
Material Steel
Grading Best
Type Dual Arm Assembly
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